This site, along with a few historical foot notes, will be about things I’ve designed in general. Some of which may be made available for purchase as my whims dictate.

So if however you are curious about some unique or niche items, have a browse and check out what’s here!

Shamelessly redrawn from CONN Organ Co. service literature.


Caribbean Controls was conceived of in 2005 as an alias for products I developed as a “Ghost Engineer” (think Ghost Writer, but designing products instead of authoring books).

The very first product developed was a “Motor Controller”. A device used to make an electric motor, designed to run at only one speed, run at a much slower speed.

The “Caribbean” Motor Controller

It worked pretty well, and lead to other products and designs and ultimately to me being fully employed by the company I had been designing for.

This all came to a close in 2010, when a combination of factors lead to my heading west to California.