How to Buy

For any items I am selling, there will be an ORDER FORM at the bottom of the page.

Simply fill out the form and hit “Send”.

Once I receive the order, I will figure out the postage and make up an Invoice on PayPal. After a day or so, you should get an Email from PayPal which will have a link to that invoice.

Simply click that link, review the invoice (especially the shipping address!) and click pay.

Once I receive the funds, I will send your item on it’s way and send another email to you with a USPS Tracking number.


I am NOT a company, I am a “one man band” simply looking to liquidate the extra materials from my hobby, as such there are certain limitations to anything you pay me for.

I make no warranty of merchantability nor fitness for a particular purpose. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

I am a gentleman, and dislike when any of my children misbehave, so I will do my best to assist you if things don’t go as expected. However, at the end of the day, you assume all risk and liability.

I truly dislike making such declarations, but this is the world we live in.